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Our Story

“Journey into the realm of deluxe skincare as Maison Zee pays homage to the classic beauty traditions cherished by Moroccan women. Passed down through generations, these timeless rituals have bestowed soft skin, silky hair, and a profound sense of fulfilment. Now, Maison Zee brings you an exclusive collection infused with the revered hero ingredient, Argan oil – a nourishing, antioxidant-packed elixir native to Morocco.

Immerse yourself in the sacred self-care secrets that have captivated beauty worshippers across eras. Morocco’s diverse landscapes, from fertile plains to snowy mountains, stretching coastlines to harsh deserts, mirror its ethnic richness. Maison Zee encapsulates this exquisite heritage, celebrating the fearless Amazigh tribes, innovative Phoenicians, conquering Romans, and proud Arabs. A harmonious blend of these influences culminates in a skincare line that epitomizes elegance and refinement.
Maison Zee invites you to embrace the revered beauty rituals of Moroccan culture within the sanctuary of their own
homes. Indulging in the transformative body-and-soul benefits that await you.”